We have an array of different products we use…..
Suprox® Spray and Wipe Cleaner RTU A powerful, ready-to-use, tile and grout cleaner formulated with the cleaning power of Hydrogen Peroxide. Cleans tile and brightens grout. Can be used on most tile and grout surfaces, bathroom surfaces, and bathroom fixtures like sinks, toilets, and urinals. Pleasant, clean fragrance. Formulated for reduced toxicity to lessen the impact on environmental health, worker health, and building occupant health.
Citric Extra Strength CSP  Cleaner An extra powerful, heavy-duty cleaner that quickly removes unsightly hard water scale, soap film, rust deposits, urinary salts, and oily residues from ceramic tile, stainless steel, porcelain, and chrome fixtures.
Crème Clean
Hillyard Creme Clean is an extra thick, detergent-based cleaner designed to tackle the toughest cleaning jobs. Creme Clean contains a mild abrasive, similar to jeweler’s grade pumice, which provides deep cleaning action. It’s ideal for cleaning porcelain, ceramic tiles, stainless steel, fiberglass, and Formica. You can depend on Creme Clean to remove stubborn organic stains, rust buildups, grease, oil, soap film, and more. Creme Clean contains a bleaching agent for whitening power. The bleaching agent makes Creme Clean extremely effective around sinks,where food stains are prevalent.
GS-200 is formulated to be non-toxic, phosphate free, biodegradable, and nonflammable, and contains no dye, fragrance, or hazardous ingredients. Formulated to minimize the impact on the environment, reduce the risk to human health, and at the same time improve worker safety. GS-200 will clean walls, resilient tile, and machinery, and removes tough, greasy soil from any surface not harmed by water. Better cleaning efficiency is achieved by using a unique combination of environmentally preferred surfactants.
Windo Clean+®
A RTU cleaner for use on surfaces not damaged by water including glass, mirrors, CRT screens, TV screens, office equipment. Dissolves grease, oil, fingerprints, smudges, and soils quickly. (Not for use on anti-glare treated screens).
We order all our products from Juniper Paper and Supply of Bend, OR to help support local business as much as possible.

Top Clean® A fast-acting, synthetic cleaner that removes the soil and leaves the shine. It is specially formulated for metal cross-linked finishes as it preserves the high-gloss appearance without leaving a dulling build-up. Top Clean has a neutral pH formula designed to attack dirt without harming your floor or your floor finish.

Lustre-Mist® Furniture Polish A unique dust-blocking, no wax formula for use directly on surfaces as well as on cloths and mitts. Dusts, polishes and shines in one simple step. Eliminates dust fly-away and leaves a lasting shine. Leaves no waxy build-up. Reduces dust accumulation and preserves the beauty of the surface. Features a soak-in formula that restores life and brilliance to wood surfaces and adds a beautiful gloss to less porous surfaces. Use on marble, solid synthetic, laminate, plastic, stainless steel, baked enamel, blinds, cabinets, appliances, baseboards and paneling.
We order all our products from Juniper Paper and Supply of Bend, OR to help support local business as much as possible.
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