Random Cleaning Facts! Some of these random cleaning facts will blow your mind or simply gross you out! We were shocked too!

Just because your workplace has the look of cleanliness, does not mean that there isn’t anything nefarious lying beneath. Most offices definitely could use the extra benefit of commercial cleaning companies such as Suds N the Bucket.  Don’t believe us? Below we list the 20 most shocking facts cleanliness of the average workplace.

  • There are more than 20,000 germs per sq. in. that reside on your office chair, computer mouse, and keyboard.
  • Most antibacterial cleaners must be left on surfaces for 30-60 seconds before wiping away.
  • The average floor has 764 bacteria per square inch.
  • Elevator buttons have 40 times the amount of bacteria than a toilet seat.
  • When you flush the toilet, germs can spray up to 6 feet.
  • Your hands spread 1,000 times more germs when they are damp than when they are dry.
  • The average employee’s desk has around ten million bacteria. That’s 100 times more than the common kitchen table and 400 times more than the average seat on a toilet.
  • On average, men’s spaces are 20 percent dirtier than women’s.
  • Diseases may be transferred through various items. 25 percent of water cooler buttons are thought to be a severe risk for transmission of numerous diseases.
  • Office phones have around 25,000 germs per sq.in.
  • Without day-to-day sanitizing, the bacteria count on office surfaces increases by 30 percent each day.
  • 75 percent of washroom sink handles may spread numerous contagious diseases.
  • 70 percent of dust particles are designed from dead skin flakes.
  • 2 hours of cleaning burns 200 calories.
  • Running low on antibacterial spray? Lemons are a great disinfectant.
  • The average individual spends 87 percent of their time outdoors.
  • The air quality inside a closed office space maybe 500 percent worse than the air quality outdoors.
  • 27 percent of people consume breakfast or 62 percent at lunch at their desks, which makes for a mess in their workstations, and don’t clean the desk before and after each meal.
  • One in five people don’t wash their hands, and of those that do, only 30 percent use soap.
  • The dirtiest surfaces within an office are water fountains, refrigerator handles, vending machines, sinks, mouses, keyboards, and microwaves.
We Have Added Hazmat To Our Cleaning Services

We Have Added Hazmat To Our Cleaning Services

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Our Cleaning Products

Our Cleaning Products

We have an array of different products we use….. Suprox® Spray and Wipe Cleaner RTU A powerful, ready-to-use, tile and grout cleaner formulated with the cleaning power of Hydrogen Peroxide. Cleans tile and brightens grout. Can be used on most tile and grout surfaces, bathroom surfaces, and bathroom fixtures like sinks, toilets, and urinals. Pleasant,…

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