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Identifying Your Cleaning Products

Identifying Your Cleaning Products

What do they mean? We see new products on the market and in the store every day. With all these new labels it may be hard to tell what is best for your home and businesses. Identifying Your Cleaning Products. What do they all mean? Bio-toxic, Non-toxic, &...

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Random Cleaning Facts!

Random Cleaning Facts!

Facts!Random Cleaning Facts! Some of these random cleaning facts will blow your mind or simply gross you out! We were shocked too! Just because your workplace has the look of cleanliness, does not mean that there isn’t anything nefarious lying beneath. Most offices...

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Our Cleaning Products

Our Cleaning Products

We have an array of different products we use….. Suprox® Spray and Wipe Cleaner RTU A powerful, ready-to-use, tile and grout cleaner formulated with the cleaning power of Hydrogen Peroxide. Cleans tile and brightens grout. Can be used on most tile and grout surfaces, bathroom surfaces, and bathroom fixtures like sinks, toilets, and urinals. Pleasant,…

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Looking for professional commercial cleaning in Central Oregon? We are certified to clean and disinfect public-access spaces, corporate offices, terminals, government establishments, and more. Our team improves the appearance of establishments, making them comfortable and safe.

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Suds n’ the Bucket was founded in 2018 and started the company as a small business for residential properties. As the years continued, we decided to move into the commercial industry and grow.








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